Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Alfa Romeo Gt & GTV

GTV stands for Gran Turismo Veloce
It is The car

I have this Alfa GTV, my favorite, since many years. It was imported by order and I am the first registered Swedish owner (besides the importing firm). In 2012 I gave it as a present to my daughter Caroline. However, it is still parked at our house [see pics below]. Here in the image above seen at Miranda's Gård. It is a 1997 model but it has gone only 13,000 miles. I renovated the chassis, and also partly mechanically, in 2009. As it is my favourite, I have had this GTV continuously served at Alfa Romeo in Italy. I really love this GTV and I gave it recently as a present to my beloved daughter Caroline. It is now parked here bellow, in Skåne.

The two GTV brothers, 2014

The Alfa Romeo 147

Parked in the garage, the Alfa Romeo Plan B (Alfa Romeo 147)

Alfa Romeo 156

Here my previous Alfa Romeo 156 and little Olivia - my beloved cat Miranda's daughter, at her property (Mirandas Gård)

The same Alfa 156

My  first six-cylinders Alfa GTV6

Marcello's first Alfa Romeo GTV
 Seen here in Stockholm

my previous Alfetta GTV (light green)

my first Alfetta GTV (grey)

The Alfa Romeo Berlina

I do not find yet a picture of my own Alfa Romeo Berlina which I bought in Vällingby (Stockholm) in 1981. But it is identical - model and colour - with the one in the picture above

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