Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Old Jaguars

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Here below my favourite old Jag, Vintage 1970. I finish the restoring 2007-8.  Here seen at Miranda's Gård - My country place in Sweden 1999-2008

These pictures below taken in Malmö 

This is a "newer" sedan model and it was a formidable tractor. We used it also to pull the Star boat trailer from the harbour to Miranda's Gård and VS.



I bought this black Jaguar in Gothenburg. It was then really "rosty". I intended first to use it as spare-part backup for the white Jag seen above, but it ended being the best functioning one, mechanically speaking. Very speed indeed.

 Loved my my cat Oliver (Miranda's son)

This Jaguar above is a replica model of my first vintage Jaguar ever, which I bought in Stockholm at the firm "Classic Cars" by 1983 - at that time in a corner to Norr Mälarstrand, in Kungsholmen, Stockholm. Shortly thereafter, two months or so, I was drive-testing the car in the countryside and I got it into an accident partly because of the road (grusväg) and partly because some mechanical problem with the steering. The car went down deep in the road side. Nothing serious happened to me but  I was kind of shocked - but also relieved: I had used the same car the day before to drive my two sons and one of their friends from Bergshamra to an inter-school soccer match, and it was a long driving. It could have happened then and I was so happy that it didn't. A farmer in the nearby helped me with a tractor. Thereafter I sold the car damaged as it was, to a kind of unpleasant buyer from Lidingö who exploited the occasion. He did a good business.

Motorcycles in Sweden

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